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Published On: Mon, Sep 26th, 2016

Coomera Town Centre Update

Major property developer Scentre who is developing the Westfield Coomera Town Centre has provied an update on the Coomera Town including confirmation that construction will start in early 2017 and finish by the end of 2018.

SCentre completed the last piece of the puzzle after purchasing for almost $20m the key 9.821ha land parcel near the Coomera train station which forms the very core of the planned town centre precinct.

Scentre and QIC purchased the property at 103-121 Foxwell Road from the Queensland state government. This block had been put aside by the government for a possible World Expo but the bid was unsuccessful and the block is now the core of the Coomera Town Precinct.

Coomera Town Centre

Original Coomera Town Centre Application



Amended Coomera Town Centre Application to Include Beach and Man Made Lake

Revised Coomera Town Centre Application amended to include a man-made lake area and beach.

QIC and Scentre have now completed their holding pouring around $82m to bolster their holdings to the required 92.2ha and when compelte their investment in the project will be $425.

Scentre has advised that the completed centre  will be around 93,000m2 centre but only 54,000m2 will be built initially.

The initial 54,000 sqm centre will be anchored by leading anchor tenants including Target, Kmart, Woolworths, Coles and Aldi as well as a large Event Cinemas. The initial project will also feature a leisure and dining precinct with about 125 specialty retail stores.



About the Author

- Glenn Batten is the Principal Licensee of First National Real Estate Upper Coomera which provides residential property sales and property management services throughout the Northern Growth Corridor suburbs of Upper Coomera, Coomera, Pimpama, Willow Vale, Ormeau and Oxenford.

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  1. Hayden Adams says:

    Thanks for the update. Any idea when will the plan for stage 1 be available? just wondering if the man-made beach/lake is going to be included in the first stage.

  2. Rob says:

    I have heard the project has been put on hold any idea what’s going on?

  3. Glenn Batten says:

    Hayden, There are copies around of what was submitted (along with amendments (which is where the images came from in the article) , but I have not seen final confirmation that the beach/lake has been signed off on.

  4. Glenn Batten says:

    Rob, I certainly have not heard that at all. They have cleared the land and are now finishing the Exit 54 Upgrade so I cant see that happening without a big kerfuffle!!!

    Scentre has just confirmed construction and ETA for completion. It does not sound right but if you hear anything further please share.

    • Rob says:

      Thanks for the reply Glen. I’m working at Chermside now and was expecting to go from here to coomera and when I drove past was surprised the ground works have not started. I enquirer with my union official to day if he had heard anything and he informed me it has been put on hold. It’s a bit vague I was hoping you might of heard something

  5. Glenn Batten says:

    Rob, The Town Centre has been on hold now for nearly a decade but construction is only due for commencement early next year according to the developers and that is only a recent news release. Maybe they thought construction would start this year.

    They really could not do anything until final approval from state and local governments along with Queensland Government selling them the core block in the whole development which surrounds the train station.


    I sure hope its not on hold again…

  6. Kirk says:

    I can provide some info here.

    This is not on hold, in fact this project is being recruited for atm and is progressing at full speed. Earthworks start in early 2017.

    Stage 1 does not include the beaches, they are in Stage 2, it was going to all be built at once but due to the dicey situation with some majors like Myer it’s been split into 2 Stages, but relax, it will all be built and it will look lovely.

  7. Sophie says:

    Where is the new shopping centre? Just saw news online but cannot google it.

  8. John says:

    hey, I would like to get a spot in the new soon to come shopping centre I would like to open a sushi restaurant but dk where to look I’ve looked around just can’t find the right site. I want to bring hi-tech sushi equipment from Japan I’ve been looking for a prime spot so I found the new Westfield to be a perfect spot let me know through hotmail if you could.
    thank you.

  9. Lisa Ricourt says:

    I am interested in finding out more about the sale of individual shops.
    Is there a specific agent, or does it go directly through the Westfield Management?

    Looking forward to receiving your feedback.

    Kind regards,

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