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Coomera Town Centre

Posted By Glenn Batten On Thursday, November 18th, 2010 With 0 Comments

Coomera Town Centre Structure Plan

(extract from the Gold Coast City Council website)

The Coomera Town Centre is a greenfield town centre within the Gold Coast’s Northern Growth Corridor, one of the most dynamic and quickly growing regions within South East Queensland. The town centre’s location and expected growth will make it a key driver of the Gold Coast economy.

Why a Structure Plan for the Coomera Town Centre?

The Coomera Town Centre was declared by the Minister for Infrastructure and Planning as a Master Planned Area on 18 December 2009. This declaration required Gold Coast City Council to revisit the previously endorsed (16 February 2009) Coomera Town Centre Structure Plan to create a statutory Structure Plan that is part of the Gold Coast Planning Scheme and satisfies the requirements of the Sustainable Planning Act, 2009 for Master Planned Areas.

On 18 January 2010 the proposed Structure Plan was endorsed at a Special Council Meeting to be sent to the Minister for Infrastructure and Planning for consideration of State interests and endorsement to proceed to public notification. On 19 February 2010 the Minister endorsed the proposed Structure Plan for public notification for a period of 30 business days.

The proposed Structure Plan and Consequential Amendments were publicly notified from 24 March to 10 May 2010. Council have now responded to the submissions received during this period and on 23 August 2010 endorsed the draft Structure Plan for Second State Interest Check and to seek endorsement from the Minister for Infrastructure and Planning to proceed to adoption.

The Minister endorsed the draft Structure Plan for adoption on 7 September 2010 subject to conditions. Council on 17 September 2010 adopted the Structure Plan and resolved that it commence on 15 October 2010.

Refer to the adopted Coomera Town Centre Structure Plan.

What is a Structure Plan?

The Structure Plan is an integrated land use plan setting out broad environmental, land use, and infrastructure considerations, and the development intent to guide detailed site-based planning in the town centre. The Structure Plan represents future planning intent for the Coomera Town Centre and will be used by landowners in the area to prepare development applications and future Master Plans, where required. The Structure Plan is the statutory planning instrument Council officers will use when assessing future development applications and master plan applications in the town centre.

The Structure Plan’s vision for the Coomera Town Centre

As a Major Activity Centre, the Coomera Town Centre will serve a catchment of regional significance, and accommodate key concentrations of employment and a significant residential population. It will provide a range of business, service and retail functions as well as district or branch offices of government, and cultural and entertainment facilities of regional significance.

The Coomera Rail Station will become the heart of the town centre with surrounding development encouraging people to live, work and play in the area. This will contribute to an emphasis on walking, cycling and using public transport to access the town centre. It is envisaged that the Coomera Town Centre will become an active and vibrant town centre accommodating a mix of uses in close proximity to the Rail Station.

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